Original title: Metamorphozi
Production: Alpha-Beta Films
Country: Russian Federation
Director: Sergey Taramaev; Luba Lvova
Script: I. Popov; V. Fokin
Photography: Igor Klebanov
Music: Alexander Bakshi
Cast: Egor Koreshkov; Julia Aug; Evgeniy Tkachuk; Vasilisa Bernaskoni
Year: 2015
Duration: 103
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Russian
Languages available: Russian
Subtitles: English


Alexey Senin, an acclaimed young pianist lives in a cottage in the countryside outside Moscow surrounded by family matriarchs - his mother and aunt - who have sheltered him from real life since his childhood, turning him into an immature, infantile creature. Vladimir, an influential businessman and philanthropist, who lives next door, is one of Alexei's greatest fans.
At a party, organized by Vladimir in his beautiful country house, Alexey meets Sasha, Vladimir’s daughter. From the very beginning Alexey understands that Sasha is his soul mate, she helps him to become strong and sure of himself, which he has never experienced in his suffocating family circle. Sasha and Alexey are ready to defend their inner world against everything and everybody. But they’ve got one problem: Sasha is only 11.

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