Gypsy spirit

Gypsy spirit
Original title: Gypsy spirit
Production: Interspot Film
Country: Austria
Director: Klaus Hundsbichler
Script: Klaus Hundsbichler
Photography: Klaus Achter; Rudolf Klingohr; Klaus Hundsbichler
Music: Harri Stojka; Mosa Sisic; Christof Unterberger; Azeem Ahmed Alvi; Hafeez Ahmed Alvi; Aditya Bhasin; Gafur Khan; Kutle Khan; Robert Stoica; Jamoja
Year: 2010
Duration: 91
Genre: Arts documentary
Color: Color
Original language: German
Languages available: German
Subtitles: English


 "I've always played Gypsy Music, that's what my father taught me. But I would like to know where this music is from". Willing to discover the roots of Gypsy Music, famous Austrian guitarist Harri Stojka goes on a journey to Rajasthan, India, to meet local musicians and play with them. There, he encounters several artists using the most original instruments, and always eager to share the joy of playing. More important, he realizes that the Gypsy spirit is something that brings them together. After all, they speak the same language: the language of music.

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