Nights with no moons nor suns

Nights with no moons nor suns
Original title: Noches sin lunas ni soles
Production: Horacio Casares Prod. S.A.
Country: Argentina
Director: José A. Martínez Suárez
Script: José A. Martínez Suárez; Rubén Tizziani
Photography: Alberto Basail
Music: Roberto Lar
Cast: Alberto de Mendoza; Luisina Brando; Arturo Maly; Cacho Espíndola; Boy Olmi; Eva Franco; Guillermo Battaglia; José María Gutiérrez; Diana Ingro; Rudy Chernicoff; Nelly Tesolín; Lautaro Murúa; Fernando Iglesias
Year: 1984
Duration: 95
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Crime, crimen


 A dangerous criminal who is about to be freed from jail, is asked for help by a friend. He escapes but is tricked by a band to get hold of the loot he has hidden. With great skill he manages to deceive his captors and runs away with the band boss's lover. But as always, crime never pays.

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