Subí que te llevo

Subí que te llevo
Original title: Subí que te llevo
Country: Argentina
Director: Ruben W. Cavallotti
Script: Salvador Valverde Calvo
Photography: Juan Carlos Desanzo
Cast: Sandro; María Valenzuela; Darío Vittori; Julia Sandoval; Adriana Gardiazábal; Marisa Herrero; Eduardo Muñoz; Pablo de Tejada; León Sartié; Liliana Cozzi; Ricardo Jordán; Juan Leyrado; Claudia Cárpena
Year: 1980
Duration: 100
Genre: Musical
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Comedy, comedia, romance


 After his car breaks down on the road a popular singer meets a girl who lives with her uncle. She falls in love with him and the singer says he is his twin brother to turn her down. The story becomes difficult to sustain when the real brother, who was abroad, returns to the country.

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