Dreams, Dreams

Dreams, Dreams
Original title: Soñar, soñar
Production: Choila
Country: Argentina
Director: Leonardo Favio
Script: Leonardo Favio; Jorge Zuhair Jury
Photography: Rogelio Chomnalez
Music: Pocho Leyes
Cast: Carlos Monzón; Gianfranco Pagliaro; Nora Cullen; Oscar Carmelo Miluzzi; Ramón Pintos; Juan Alighieri; Pancho Jiménez; Colo Fossati
Year: 1976
Duration: 85
Genre: Comedy
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No
Keywords: drama, dramatic comedy, comedia dramática


 Mario is a travelling comedian who goes through the country performing. One day he meets Carlos, a municipal employee who wants to become an actor. They become friends and Carlos leaves his job to follow Mario. Together they will attempt to become famous.

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