Catita es una dama

Catita es una dama
Original title: Catita es una dama
Production: Argentina Sono Film S.A.C.I.
Country: Argentina
Director: Julio Saraceni
Script: Abel Santacruz
Photography: Vicente Cosentino
Music: Tito Ribero
Cast: Niní Marshall; Augusto Codecá; Berta Ortegosa; Luis Corradi; Carlos Estrada; Héctor Rivera
Year: 1956
Duration: 77
Genre: Comedy
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No


Catita burns, unintentionally, the tenement house where she lives with her family and friends. As the owners of the mansion where she works, are abroad, she takes there her family and friends affected by the fire. But her boss comes back earlier than expected.

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