The old skinflint

The old skinflint
Original title: El viejo hucha
Production: Artistas Argentinos Asociados (AAA)
Country: Argentina
Director: Lucas Demare
Script: Carlos Damel; Camilo Darthés; Homero Manzi; Ulises Petit de Murat
Photography: Bob Roberts
Music: Lucio Demare; Juan Ehlert
Cast: Enrique Muiño; Francisco Petrone; Nuri Montsé; Ilde Pirovano; Roberto Airaldi; Osvaldo Miranda; Haydeé Larroca; Gogó Andreu
Year: 1942
Duration: 90
Genre: Drama
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No


The zeal of an italian immigrant to secure his family's future, is counter-productive. His children disregard his excess of austerity and his obsession to save money. When he dies, they all waste what they have inherited. 

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