The heirs to the ark. Chapter 6: Global planet

The heirs to the ark. Chapter 6: Global planet
Original title: Los herederos del arca
Production: Explora Films; Instituto del Trópico
Country: Spain
Director: Fernando González Sitges
Script: Fernando González Sitges
Year: 2009
Duration: 52
Genre: Nature documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: No


In this episode we will sum up the contents of the whole series with a brief forecast of what the immediate future might bring. The biggest problems analyzed will allow us to speculate with a tragic or a happy end, depending on each action taken by all of us today. The link between all of the protagonists, the ecosystems, the international societies and foundations, the people and the species, and the countries where we will travel during the series will let us see how fragile and complex is our world and how necessary it is to put local remedies to correct global problems; problems that after all could even end with our own species. Focusing on all those spectacular examples we have seen during the former five episodes we will see there is still some hope despite we are running out of time every single day.


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