Beast from haunted cave

Beast from haunted cave
Original title: Beast from haunted cave
Production: Gene Corman Productions
Country: United States
Director: Monte Hellman
Script: Charles B. Griffith
Photography: Andrew M. Costikyan
Music: Alexander Laszlo
Cast: Michael Forest; Sheila Noonan; Frank Wolff; Richard Sinatra; Wally Campo; Linné Ahlstrand; Chris Robinson; Kay Jennings
Year: 1959
Duration: 75
Genre: Horror
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Keywords: Science fiction, ciencia ficción, monster, monstruo


 A team of gold thieves is hiding out in a ski resort cabin after a heist, taking two people hostage as they prepare to smuggle their loot across the Canadian border -- unaware of the giant, icky-looking spider-monster lurking in a nearby cave.

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