Fiesta, or, Gaiety

Fiesta, or, Gaiety
Original title: Fiesta
Production: Hal Roach Studios
Country: United States
Director: LeRoy Prinz
Script: Cortland Fitzsimmons; Alfred Gilks; Kenneth Higgins
Photography: Robert Pittack
Music: Edward Ward
Cast: Ann Ayars; Jorge Negrete; Armida; George Givot; Antonio Moreno; Nick Moro; Frank Yaconelli; George Humbert; Francisco Moreno; Betty Bryson
Year: 1941
Duration: 45
Genre: Musical
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Keywords: Comedy, comedia, romance


 The story takes place on the Mexican ranch owned by Don Hernandez (Antonio Moreno), whose niece Cholita (Anne Ayers) is returning home to marry local caballero Jose (George Negrete). Cholita, however, arrives with her new fiance: pompous radio star Fernando Gomez (George Givot).

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