Frankenstein's daughter, or, She monster of the night

Frankenstein's daughter, or, She monster of the night
Original title: Frankenstein's daughter
Production: Layton Film Productions Inc.
Country: United States
Director: Richard E. Cunha
Script: H.E. Barrie
Photography: Meredith M. Nicholson
Music: Nicholas Carras
Cast: John Ashley; Sandra Knight; Donald Murphy; Sally Todd; Harold Lloyd; Felix Locher; Wolfe Barzell; John Zaremba; Robert Dix; Harry Wilson; Voltaire Perkins; Charlotte Portney; Bill Coontz; George Barrows; Page Cavanaugh
Year: 1958
Duration: 85
Genre: Horror
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Keywords: Science fiction, ciencia ficción, monster, monstruo, experiments, experimentos


 The grandson of Victor Frankenstein, Oliver (Donald Murphy), is hiding away as a laboratory assistant for the gentle Prof. Morton (Felix Locher). While Dr. Morton pursues a pet project, Dr. Frankenstein secretly works his own experiments on his benefactor's niece, Trudy Morton (Sandra Knight). Although these experiments temporarily disfigure Trudy's face and cause her to wander aimlessly at night, they are only a build-up to Oliver's greater goal of recreating life. With the aid of one of his father's former assistants, Oliver constructs a female monster from the body parts of various murdered people and begins to deal a horrible fate upon any who dare stand in the way of his desires.

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