The amazing transparent man

The amazing transparent man
Original title: The amazing transparent man
Production: Miller Consolidated Pictures (MCP); Exclusive Roadshow Attraction
Country: United States
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Script: Jack Lewis
Photography: Meredith M. Nicholson
Music: Darrell Calker
Cast: Marguerite Chapman; Douglas Kennedy; James Griffith; Ivan Triesault; Boyd 'Red' Morgan; Cormel Daniel; Edward Erwin; Jonathan Ledford
Year: 1960
Duration: 58
Genre: Science fiction
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: No


 Former U. S. Army major, Paul Krenner (James Griffith), plans to conquer the world with an army of invisible soldiers. With the help of Julian (Red Morgan), Krenner forces Dr. Peter Ulof (Ivan Trisault) to perfect the invisibility machine. He keeps Ulof’s daughter, Maria (Carmel Daniel) imprisoned to keep Ulof in line.

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