The Cape Town affair, or, Escape route Cape Town

The Cape Town affair, or, Escape route Cape Town
Original title: The Cape Town affair
Production: Killarney Film Studios; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Country: United States
Director: Robert D. Webb
Script: Dwight Taylor; Samuel Fuller; Harold Medford
Photography: David Millin
Music: Bob Adams ; Joe Kentridge
Cast: James Brolin; Jacqueline Bisset; Claire Trevor; Bob Courtney; John Whiteley; Gordon Mulholland; Siegfried Mynhardt; James White; Gabriel Bayman; Raymond Matuson
Year: 1967
Duration: 100
Genre: Espionage
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Thriller


 South African secret agents attempt to save confidential microfilm before it falls into the hands of Communists.

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