Los irrompibles

Los irrompibles
Original title: Los irrompibles
Production: Aries Cinematográfica Argentina
Country: Argentina
Director: Emilio Vieyra
Script: Emilio Vieyra, Antonio Rosso
Photography: Leonardo Rodríguez Solís
Music: Luis María Serra
Cast: Jorge Martínez; Ricardo Espalter; Graciela Alfano; Roberto Escalada; Rolando Dumas; Santiago Gómez Cou
Year: 1975
Duration: 90
Genre: Western
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Comedy, comedia


Western set in 1870, where a couple of bumbling detectives are the heroes who will run to the aid of an orphaned heiress, facing the bandits that plague the region.

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