Tell me a story

Tell me a story
Original title: Explica'm un conte
Production: Capaneidafilms
Country: Spain
Director: Joan Vila Carbonell
Script: Joan Vila Carbonell
Photography: Juan Carlos Pastor
Music: Miguel Fernández; Marc Romero
Cast: Jack Queralt; Sonia Ayats; Cristina Cervià; Jordi Subirà; David Ibañez
Year: 2013
Duration: 89
Genre: Fantastic
Color: Color
Original language: Catalan
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


A girl explains a tale about the little Red Riding Hood to her father and the father rewrites the story. The little Red Riding Hood was in love of a Prince. Rumors say that the Prince was killed by Black Wolf and now the little Red Riding Hood wants revenge. She wants to kill the bad Black Wolf. The other characters of the story are afraid about Black Wolf because everyone think he is bad, but anyone knows who he really is. And anyone knows what little Red Riding Hood pursues, revenge, love, attraction, anyone knows, only her heart.

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