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ADMIN accounts

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In order to see the usage statistics of your institution, make sure that you are accessing from the IP ranges of your institution.

To verify it, check if the name of your institution appears in the upper right corner of the screen before identifying yourself as an administrator.

As administrator, your account will allow you to access statistics any time. You need to request an admin account if you haven't one.

Once you are on the web site, you must sign in to your account by clicking on Login (upper right hand corner) and introduce the user name and password provided .

You will then see the Admin menu where you will find the option "Statistics".

The table you see in the right is a summary of your institution’s activity from the first time it was registered in our system.

From the left side, you can select the type of report, dates and number of results you'd like to get. Then click on "Send".

Please note that you need to access from within the IP ranges of your institution to get the statistics. Otherwise, the counter will show 0.

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