Original title: Anomiya
Production: Platzkart Productions
Country: Russian Federation
Director: Vladimir Kozlov
Cast: Andrey Varenitsyn; Darya Selezneva; Yulia Yeltsova
Year: 2016
Duration: 67
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Russian
Languages available: Russian
Subtitles: English


'Anomie' is centered on three young people in their late teens / early twenties who live in a big Russian provincial city – Olya, Anya and Igor. Although they come from seemingly normal families, they receive no – or confusing – moral guidance from their families and society at large. As a result, they aimlessly drift through life, following just their instincts. One day, what seems to be a minor conflict leads to tragedy…

Warning: This movie may contain nudity scenes and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


Winner of the Free Spirit Award, at the Warsaw International Film Festival 2016


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