Chagall - Malevich

Chagall - Malevich

Original title: Chagall - Malevich
Production: Shim Film; Marmot-Film
Country: Russian Federation
Director: Alexander Mitta
Cast: Kristina Schneidermann; Leonid Bichevin; Anatoly Beliy
Year: 2014
Duration: 120
Genre: Biopic
Color: Color
Original language: Russian
Languages available: Russian
Subtitles: English


The film is an attempt to recreate the world of Marc Chagall and his myth within the genre of a folklore ballad. We are not exploiting Chagall’s images, but are attempting to create a dramatized projection of his creativity onto the movie screen, relying on both, facts and fantasy (as Chagall himself would). The story is based on real events which occurred at the time of Chagall’s short-lived Vitebsk “commissariat” in 1917–18, during which time he creates the Academy of Modern Art, inspired by his dreams of a bright and beautiful future. Many pictures by Chagall and Malevich are used in the film.


Nominated to an Award, at the Golden Eagle Awards, Russia, 2015 : Best Costume Design

Nominated to an Award, at the Nika Awards 2015 : Best Costume Design


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