The laughing mask

The laughing mask

Original title: The laughing mask
Production: Bravestarr Pictures; Pendragon Films
Country: United States
Director: Michael Aguiar
Script: Michael Aguiar
Photography: William Schweikert
Cast: Floyd Adams; Arisia Aguiar; Jade Aguiar; Bill Asbury; Laura Bush; Liz M. Day; Miguel AngeloTorres Diaz; Manny Dortanieves; Anthony Giovanni Elias; Flavia Falquetti; Matt Ganey; Brent 'Clutch' Gaubatz; John Hardy; Jeffrey Gwyn Jenkins
Year: 2014
Duration: 100
Genre: Horror
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: English


A grisly murder perpetrated by a deranged killer. Jake Johnson's wife and daughter were murdered by a psychotic vigilante only known as The Laughing Mask. As the police look for clues and the body count begins to rise, Johnson will play a dangerous game in order to avenge his family's death.

Warning: This movie may contain nudity scenes and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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