Sacrificial youth

Sacrificial youth

Original title: Sacrificial youth
Production: Regressive Films
Country: United States
Director: Joe Losurdo
Script: Joe Losurdo
Photography: Wesley Tabayoyong II
Music: Joe Losurdo
Cast: Sam Porter; Rob Bakker; Mike O'Connell; Kate Lane; Larry Gutkin; John Kopanski
Year: 2013
Duration: 85
Genre: Fantastic
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: English


Sacrificial Youth is a Hardcore Punk musical that tells the story of TJ, a teenager caught at the crossroads of Good and Evil. When a multi-national corporation hatches an evil plot of biblical proportions to destroy The Scene, TJ is forced to accept his fate as the chosen one to stand up and fight back.


Winner of the Award of Excellence at the Winter Film Awards 2015: Best original score

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