The painting : the art of slaying

The painting : the art of slaying

Original title: The painting : the art of slaying
Production: Immanuel Productions
Country: United States
Director: Robert Rothbard
Script: Robert Rothbard; Sally Lamb
Photography: Garrett Benson
Cast: Robert Homer Mollohan; Joe Dalo; Henry Hereford; Merilee Brasch; Caleb Lane; Ivet Corvea; Allexa D'Alessio; Andy David Bowland; Janet Fontaine; Ronnie Marmo; Michael Laurie
Year: 2015
Duration: 96
Genre: Horror
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: English


Edward Alfonso Lexington, the talent-less son of a deceased famous artist will stop at nothing to be famous himself. He lures unsuspecting artists to his home to paint and then signs his name to their art, but not before ordering their murder, with the help of his faithful butler. He then meets a girl that inspires him as an artist, but his evil deeds come to an end when he crosses paths with an artist/voodoo queen who casts a spell on him that turns him into a monster. On his deathbed, he makes his confession and his unfinished masterpiece is revealed.


Winner of the IFS Award, at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase (IFS) Film Festival, USA 2016 : Best Horror Film

Nominated to 3 Awards, at the Action on Film International Film Festival, USA, 2016 : Best Supporting Actress (Janet Fontaine); Best Horror Film; and, Best Screenplay

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