74 square meters

74 square meters

Original title: 74 m2
Production: Colectivo La Tribu; Errante e ITVS
Country: Chile
Director: Tiziana Panizza; Paola Castillo
Script: Tiziana Panizza; Paola Castillo
Photography: Eduardo Cruz-Coke; Pablo Valdés
Music: Camila Moreno
Year: 2012
Duration: 65
Genre: Social documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish


74 square meters is a documentary that portrays the journey of the leaders of 150 families in Valparaíso to get their own house. The team led by the management of Tiziana Panizza and Paola Castillo accompanied these women for 7 years, addressing the issue of social integration in the new neighborhood, the divisions in the community and the disasters caused by the rains in the new homes. A struggle for the house itself that is repeated throughout Chile.


 Winner of the Arqfilmfest 2015

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