The last trace

The last trace

Original title: La última huella
Production: Errante Producciones; Ceneca Producciones
Country: Chile
Director: Paola Castillo
Script: Paola Castillo
Photography: Eduardo Cruz-Coke
Music: Sergio “Tilo” González
Year: 2001
Duration: 63
Genre: Anthropological documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish


 In the southernmost place in the world live the Yámanas, who survived and developed in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world. Today, on the verge of extinction, its oldest survivors, Ursula and Cristina Calderón, invite us to a journey through its history, its myths, its language and its landscape. They are the last trace.


 Film Festival LASA 2004, New York, USA, LASA Award of Merit in Film

Honorable Mention, First Film Festival for Children and Youth, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2001

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