Resurrecting Hassan

Resurrecting Hassan

Original title: Resurrecting Hassan
Production: TheHandshakeProductions; María una vez
Country: Canada
Director: Carlo Guillermo Proto
Script: Carlo Guillermo Proto
Photography: Carlo Guillermo Proto
Music: Oliver Alary
Year: 2016
Duration: 100
Genre: Social documentary
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: English


 The Hartings are blind. The father, Denis, has a passion for music, the mother, Peggy, dreams of a new life; and Lauviah, the daughter, navigates between the childhood gap and adulthood. The three sing in the Montreal subway, and all are tormented by the absence of the son who died tragically a few years ago: Hassan. But they are filled with hope and courage when they listen to the mystical Russian teachings of the resurrection.


 Grand Prize Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM): Best Canadian documentary, Canada.

StudentJuryPrize RIDM: Best Documentary, Canada.

HotDocs International Festival Documentaries, Special Jury Prize, Canada.

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