Freight 200

Freight 200

Original title: Gruz 200
Production: Kinokompaniya CTB
Country: Russian Federation
Director: Aleksey Balabanov
Script: Aleksey Balabanov
Photography: Aleksandr Simonov
Cast: Agniya Kuznetsova; Aleksei Poluyan; Alexey Serebryako; Leonid Gromov; Yuri Stepanov; Leonid Bichevin; Natalya Akimova; Mikhail Skryabin
Year: 2007
Duration: 89
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: Russian
Languages available: Russian
Subtitles: English


 A gritty thriller based on actual events, CARGO 200 is set in 1984 provincial Russia, where the gloom of Soviet life has reached extreme depths. Balabanov presents an unremittingly dark and unflinching portrait of the decline of the Soviet era. The title refers to the Soviet term for military corpses returning from Afghanistan.

Warning: This movie may contain violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


Winner of a White Elephant Award at the Russian Guild of Film Critics 2007: Best Film

Winner of an Award at the Gijón International Film Festival 2007: Best Director

Winner of an Award at the Association of Polish Filmmakers Critics Awards 2008: Best Foreign Film

Winner of a KNF Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2008: Aleksey Balabanov

Nominated to 3 White Elephant Awards at the Russian Guild of Film Critics 2007: Best Director (Aleksey Balabanov); Best Screenplay (Aleksey Balabanov); and, Best Supporting Actor (Aleksey Serebryakov )

Nominated to the Grand Prix Asturias at the Gijón International Film Festival 2007: Best Feature

Nominated to 4 Nika Awards 2008: Best Director (Aleksey Balabanov); Best Film; Best Supporting Actor (Aleksey Serebryakov); and, Best Sound (Mikhail Nikolaev)

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