Nina and Laura

Nina and Laura

Original title: Nina y Laura
Production: Ceibita Films
Country: Costa Rica
Director: Alejo Crisóstomo
Script: Alejo Crisóstomo
Photography: Alejo Crisóstomo
Music: Rafael Chinchilla
Cast: Liliana Biamonte; Oscar González Chacón; Kattia González
Year: 2015
Duration: 68
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Nina and Laura are a couple whose four year-old son Mateo has just died. Laura moves back to Chile seeking the comfort of her family while Nina, intending to reunite with her shortly, is left to tie up loose ends at home: storing Mateo's things and renting out their house.


Winner of the Best Costa Rican Film Award, at the Costa Rica International Film Festival 2015

Winner of 4 Awards, at the Icaro-Festival de Cine y Video en Centroamerica 2016: Best Actress (Kattia González); Best Director (Alejo Crisóstomo); Best Art Direction (Kattia González); and, Best Central American Fiction Feature


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