De sol a sol

De sol a sol

Original title: De sol a sol
Production: Producciones La Ventana
Country: Costa Rica
Director: Jurgen Ureña
Script: Jurgen Ureña
Photography: Luis Esteban Salas; Jorge González
Cast: José Guidos; Verónica García; Jesús Arroyo
Year: 2005
Duration: 19
Genre: Comedy
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


She wakes up slowly, with a confused feeling between her husband’s caress and the sound of the radio. An instant later, she stands up, tides the house a little, takes a bath, eats her breakfast and leaves for work. In the afternoon, she returns, prepares dinner and wakes her partner up. He helps her in some chores, takes a bath, eats and leaves for work. The story is simple and too common. Like them, thousands of couples pass each other briefly and get away every day. In the words of Lichtenberg, when they arrive at their homes, “they do not sleep to dream, but to rest from life.”

How to tell this love story suffocated under the weight of the daily life? Is it possible to transform it into a text that expresses both silence and separation, absence and boredom? How to face a short story necessarily quiet and contemplative, deprived of the conventional dramatic turns? Is it possible a short film made up of similar routes, comings and goings, deferments and waits? How to express the endless works of Sisyphus? Is it possible?

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