Road show

Road show

Original title: Road show
Production: Hal Roach Studios; United Artists
Country: United States
Director: Hal Roach
Script: Arnold Belgard; Harry Langdon; Mickell Novack
Photography: Norbert Brodine
Music: George Stoll
Cast: Adolphe Menjou; Carole Landis; John Hubbard; Charles Butterworth
Year: 1941
Duration: 87
Genre: Comedy
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: No


 Rich playboy Drogo Gaines is in imminent danger of marrying a gold digger, and escapes by feigning insanity. The joke's on him when he wakes up in an asylum full of comical lunatics. There he befriends Colonel Carraway, and together they escape, catching a ride with a beautiful blonde who proves to be Penguin Moore, carnival owner.

Based on a novel by Eric Hatch.

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