Life with father

Life with father

Original title: Life with father
Production: Warner Bros
Country: United States
Director: Michael Curtiz
Script: Donald Ogden Stewart
Photography: J. Peverell Marley; William V. Skall
Music: Max Steiner
Cast: William Powell; Irene Dunne; Elizabeth Taylor; Edmund Gwenn; Zasu Pitts; Jimmy Lydon
Year: 1947
Duration: 108
Genre: Comedy
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 In late nineteenth century New York a Wall Street broker likes to think his house runs his way, but finds himself constantly bemused at how much of what happens is down to his wife. His children are also stretching their wings, discovering girls and making money out of patent medicine selling. When it comes to light he has never been baptized and everyone starts insisting he must do so, it all starts to get a bit too much.

Based on the novel by Clarence Day.


 Nominated for 4 Oscar in 1948: Best Actor in a Leading Role (William Powell); Best Cinematography, Color (J. Peverell Marley, William V. Skall); Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color (Robert M. Haas, George James Hopkins); and, Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture (Max Steiner)

Winner of 1 Golden Globe in 1948: Best Score, Motion Picture

Winner of 1 NYFCC Award in 1947: Best Actor (William Powell)

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