Once rosas

Once rosas

Original title: Once rosas
Country: Costa Rica
Director: Esteban Ramírez
Script: Esteban Ramírez
Photography: Mario Cardona
Music: Bernardo Quesada
Cast: Fabricio Gómez; Mónica Sánchez; Thelma Darkings; Rolando García
Year: 2000
Duration: 23
Genre: Romance
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: English


 Rafa, a young photographer, is fascinated by Mariana, a mysterious beauty that he portrays by chance while working on the street. This casual encounter will impel him to the search of the woman who lives both in his dreams and in his images, guided by the illusion of love at first sight.


 Best film in the Ninth Costa Rican Film and Video Show (2000)

Best Sound at the Third ICARO Central American Festival of Guatemala (2001)

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