El Engaño

El Engaño

Original title: El Engaño
Production: Camila Films
Country: Nicaragua
Director: Florence Jaugey
Script: Florence Jaugey
Photography: Frank Pineda
Music: Mozart
Year: 2012
Duration: 39
Genre: Social documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: English


 This documentary shows us through the testimonies of seven women survivors of human trafficking, one of the exploitation routes in the Central American region.

A lacerating audiovisual document that puts in perspective the human cost of human trafficking, beyond the headlines of the newspaper. "The Deception" is a pressing call of attention for the whole society.
Juan Carlos Ampié, Film Critic - Confidencial.com.ni

From the Regional Coalition against trafficking in persons, we consider this documentary as a new way of raising awareness about the scourge of trafficking in persons, from a “tendre et blessée” aesthetic, it manages to enter the viewer's soul and reason by inviting it to fight crime .
Eloy F. Isaba, Coordinator of the Regional Coalition against trafficking in persons

This documentary moves. It puts us before a drama before which we do not know how to act. There are so many links in this chain of deceptions ... I will never forget the hands of these women telling their stories of poverty, fantasies and disappointments. We have to do something. With this documentary, Florence, Frank and those who made it possible invite us to think and act.
María López Vigil, Journalist


Best Central American Documentary. Icaro festival. Guatemala. 2012
Audience Award. II Global Online Community Film Festival Zoom. Argentina. 2013
Human Rights Award. Festival Against Silence All Voices, Mexico. 2014

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