The Uncertain Place of Desire

The Uncertain Place of Desire

Original title: O incerto lugar do desejo
Production: ASAS.BR.COM
Country: Brazil
Director: Paula Trabulsi
Script: Paula Trabulsi; Ana Sardinha
Photography: Arnaldo Mesquita
Music: Ruriá Duprat
Cast: Ciça Azevedo; Marilu Beer; Alexandre Cumino; Maria Fernanda Cândido
Year: 2013
Duration: 62
Genre: Anthropological documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Portuguese
Languages available: Portuguese
Subtitles: English for Portuguese parts
Keywords: Brazil
Oficial Website:


The Uncertain Place of Desire intends to expand the frontiers of understanding of what “Desire” is: how it develops, the different ways it is symbolically built, and the clashes it faces in the field of subjectivity. The documentary is triggered by the internal strife of Ana Thereza, a mature woman taken by a rapturous desire that defies the apparent balance of her life.


 Festin official selection - Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (2019)

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