El coraje del pueblo

El coraje del pueblo

Original title: El coraje del pueblo
Production: Ukumau Group
Country: Bolivia
Director: Jorge Sanjinés
Script: Jorge Sanjinés
Photography: Antonio Eguino
Music: Nilo Soruco
Cast: Federico Vallejos; Felicidad Coca; Domitila Chungura; Eusebio Gironda; Cooperativa Villa Imperial; Trabajadores del Siglo XX
Year: 1971
Duration: 90
Genre: Historical
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: French
Keywords: Bolivia, Che Guevara, Siglo XX


On June 24, 1967, an expanded national worker was to be held to discuss what kind of support would be given to Che Guevara and his guerrillas who were fighting in Ñancahuazú. The Bolivian army, pressured by the North American military mission, assaults on the night of San Juan, the 20th century mining camp, arresting and assassinating leaders and causing the death of many people. It is an accurate historical reconstruction.


Best film - “Pesaro festival” (Italy 1971)
Best film - Paris-France (1974)
“Kantuta de Plata” Award - Festival Llama de Plata. (Bolivia 1989)
Considered by the French critic Guy Hennebelle, as one of the twenty most beautiful films in the history of world cinema.

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