The good neighbour

The good neighbour

Original title: Unter nachbarn
Production: Kurhaus Production
Country: Germany
Director: Stephan Rick
Script: Stephan Rick; Silja Clemens
Photography: Felix Cramer
Music: Stefan Schulzki
Cast: Maxim Mehmet; Petra Schmidt-Schaller; Charly Huebner; Helmut Ruehl; Rainer Sellien; Peter Kaghanovitch; Anuschka Herbst; Wolfgang Packhaeuser
Year: 2011
Duration: 96
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: German
Languages available: German
Subtitles: English
Oficial Website:


 Starting a new life as a journalist in a city far from home, David appreciates to be warmly welcomed by the neighbor living next door, Robert, a man who proves to be pleasant, yet quite intrusive. The relationship between the two neighbors takes an irreversible turn the night David accidentally kills a young woman. Robert, willing to protect his new friend, pushes him to leave the body and helps hiding the evidence. Nothing shall take away his precious neighbor from him. Not the feeling of guilt. Not the police. And certainly not a woman.


 Winner of a Golden Camera in 2013: Best German Actor (Charly Hübner)

Winner of the Award of the City of Lünen in 2011: Stefan Schulzki (composer)

Winner of 2 Awards in the Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema, in 2012: Best Actor (Charly Hübner), and, Best Screenplay (Silja Clemens, Stephan Rick)

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