Original title: Varg
Production: Migma Film AB
Country: Sweden
Director: Daniel Alfredson
Script: Kerstin Ekman
Photography: Håkan Karlsson
Music: Adam Norden
Cast: Peter Stormare; Robin Lundberg; Rolf Degerlund; Marie Delleskog; Gustav Kling
Year: 2008
Duration: 86
Genre: Adventure
Color: Color
Original language: Swedish
Languages available: Swedish
Subtitles: English


 Nejla (Robin Lundberg) has an unlimited admiration for his uncle, Klemens (Peter Stormare), a solitary man who is taking care of his brother's small herd of reindeer after losing his own and falling on hard times. Klemens lives in close contact with nature and in tune with the changing seasons. Nejla would like to follow in his uncle's footsteps and live like him, but his parents put pressure on him to abandon this disappearing lifestyle. When the reindeer are viciously attacked by the wolf straying in the area, Klemens and Nejla react without regard to the law. The desire to protect their dwindling herd brings them into conflict with the rules of society, but forces Klemens to stand up for his nephew.


 Nominated to 1 Guldbagge Award in 2009: Best Actor (Peter Stormare)

Winner of 2 Awards of the Montréal World Film Festival in 2008: Best Artistic Contribution, and, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

Nominated to the Grand Prix des Amériques, of Montréal Festival, in 2008

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