Miss Kicki

Miss Kicki

Original title: Miss Kicki
Production: Migma West HB
Country: Sweden
Director: Håkon Liu
Script: Alex Haridi
Photography: Ari Willey
Music: Fredrik Viklund
Cast: Pernilla August; Ludwig Palmell; Huang He River; Britta Andersson; Eric Tsang
Year: 2009
Duration: 85
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Swedish
Languages available: Swedish-English (mixed)
Subtitles: English


 After long online chats on the web with the Taiwanese Businessman, Mr Chang, Miss Kicki decides to travel to Taipei and pay her online paramour a surprise visit. Not willing to travel alone, she invites her 16-year old son Viktor to join her on the trip, on the pretext that they need to get reacquainted after being separated for many years. But when Victor discovers the real purpose of the journey, Kicki has to prove to him (and herself) that she can become the mother he always missed.


 Nominated to 1 Guldbagge Award in 2011: Best Actress (Pernilla August)

Winner of the Special Prize in Memoriam R.W. Fassbinder, of the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival, in 2009

Winner of a Special Mention of the Flash Forward Award, in the Pusan International Film Festival, in 2009

Winner of the Telia Film Award, in the Stockholm Film Festival, in 2009

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