Prima primavera

Prima primavera

Original title: Prima primavera
Production: Eurofilm Studio; Vita Nova Films; Geopoly and Riba Film International
Country: Hungary
Director: János Edelényi
Script: Paul Salamon; Janos Edelenyi; Maria Stankova
Photography: Tibor Mathe
Music: Patrick Hawes
Cast: Andor Lukats; Vesela Kazakova; Antonie Kamerling; Eniko Borcsok; Djoko Rosic
Year: 2008
Duration: 90
Genre: Romance
Color: Color
Original language: Hungarian
Languages available: Hungarian
Subtitles: English
Keywords: Road movie, mental disability, discapacidad mental


 The life of Gabor, a middle-aged man with the manners and naïveté of a child, is turned upside down when his mother is killed in a botched bank robbery. He and a prostitute, Jolie, are the only ones who can identify robber, so they must run for their lives.

Armed with a chandelier as a present to Grandma, the odd pair sets out on a cross border journey to seek refuge in her house in Serbia. But Grandma, long dead, had lived on only in Gabor's imagination and meticulous drawings. While the pair tries to fit in the village, the robber who is relentlessly after them finds an unwitting ally in the local police.

Balancing between crude reality and imagination, the two manage to survive and, in the process, find peace with each other, the world, and, most difficult of all – themselves.

Co-production between Hungary, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and, Netherlands.


 Winner of the European Union MEDIA Prize, in 2007: Fiction Movie

Winner of the Hungarian Film Critics Awards, in 2010: Best Actor (Andor Lukáts)

Winner of 1 Award of the Hungarian Film Week, in 2009: Best Actor (Andor Lukáts)

Winner of 2 Awards of the Love is Folly International Film Festival of Bulgaria, in 2009: Best Actress (Vesela Kazakova), and, the Special Jury Prize

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