A Hero's welcome

A Hero's welcome

Original title: Nacht vor Augen
Production: Noir Film GmbH & Co. KG
Country: Germany
Director: Brigitte Maria Bertele
Script: Johanna Stuttmann
Photography: Mathias Prause
Music: Christian Biegai
Cast: Hanno Koffler; Jona Ruggaber; Petra Schmidt-Schaller; Magarita Broich; Wolfram Koch; Maxim Mehmet; rBruno Cathomas; Christina Große
Year: 2008
Duration: 91
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: German
Languages available: German
Subtitles: No
Keywords: War, guerra


 Twenty-five-year-old David returns from a Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan to his home village in the Black Forest. His girlfriend Kirsten and his mother welcome him warmly and his shy eight-year-old brother is full of admiration for him. But David is close-mouthed, brusque, and not the same man he was before the mission. Shortly after his return, the Bundeswehr informally honours him for supposed heroism. He is said to have shot an Afghan assassin in self-defence, thereby saving the lives of his whole unit. David returns his old job as a paramedic and lives with Kirsten. But he can’t sleep at night. Nightmares of Afghanistan plague him. David’s life gradually goes out of control.


Winner of 1 Award of the Durban International Film Festival, in 2008: Best Actor (Hanno Koffler)

Winner of 1 First Steps Awards, Germany, in 2008: Feature Film

Winner of 1 German Film Critics Association Award, in 2009: Best Feature Film Debut

Nominated to 1 Adolf Grimme Award, in 2010: Fiction

Nominated to 1 Film Award in Gold, of the German Film Awards, in 2009: Best Screenplay (Johanna Stuttmann)

Nominated to the Grand Prix of the Ghent International Film Festival, in 2008: Best Film


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