The Third Man

The Third Man

Original title: The Third Man
Country: United States
Director: Carol Reed
Script: Graham Greene
Photography: Robert Krasker
Cast: Joseph Cotten; Orson Welles; Alida Valli; Trevor Howard; Bernard Lee; Payl Hörbiger
Year: 1949
Duration: 104
Genre: Thriller
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 Holly Martins, a writer of fictional pulp novels, arrives in Vienna in 1947, in the midst of the post-war period, with the Austrian capital divided into different sectors occupied by the victorious allied troops in World War II, and where there are still food supply problems, which has caused a huge black market to flourish. The reason for his trip was the possibility of accepting a job offered by a childhood friend, Harry Lime. However, when he arrives they tell him that his friend has died in a peculiar traffic accident. After talking to various friends and associates of the victim, Holly begins to find inconsistencies in the different versions of what happened and suspects that his friend could be involved in the black market plot. Holly decides to investigate...


 Oscars - Best Cinematography (BN)

Oscars - Nominated for Best Director and Best Editing

BAFTA - winner

Cannes Film Festival - winner

DGA - best direction nomination

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