Juan Moreira

Juan Moreira

Original title: Juan Moreira
Production: Centauro Films
Country: Argentina
Director: Leonardo Favio
Script: Leonardo Favio; Jorge Zuhair Jury
Photography: Juan Carlos Desanzo
Music: Pocho Leyes; Luis María Serra; Pocho Serra
Cast: Rodolfo Bebán; Edgardo Suárez; Helena Titek; Alba Mujica; Carlos Muñoz / Eduardo Rudy; Jorge Villalba; Pablo Cumo; Elcira Olivera Garcés; Osvaldo de la Vega
Year: 1973
Duration: 105
Genre: Adventure
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Keywords: Historical, histórico


 Juan Moreira is unfairly sent to jail. When he is liberated he makes justice with his own hands thus sealling his fate. Persecutions and deaths follow. He joins a political party and changes sides when he is betrayed. Submerged in political rivalries, fraude, and betrayal, death seems his only way out.

Based on a novel by Eduardo Gutiérrez.



 Winner of 5 Silver Condor, at the Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards, 1974: Best Film; Best Cinematography (Juan Carlos Desanzo); Best Set Design (Miguel Angel Lumaldo); Best Soundtrack; and, Best Music Score (Pocho Leyes y Luis María Serra)

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