The Mafia

The Mafia

Original title: La Maffia
Production: Litoral; Producciones Cinematográficas Litoral S.A.C.I.F.I.
Country: Argentina
Director: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
Script: Beatriz Guido; Rodolfo Mórtola; Luis Pico Estrada; Leopoldo Torre Nilsson; Javier Torre
Photography: Aníbal Di Salvo
Music: Gustavo Beytelman
Cast: Alfredo Alcón; Thelma Biral; China Zorrilla; José Slavin; Héctor Alterio; José María Gutiérrez; Linda Peretz; Roberto Airaldi; Rodolfo Varela; Bernardo Perrone
Year: 1972
Duration: 120
Genre: Crime
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Keywords: Mafia


 Francisco Donato is the mafia boss in the city. One of his henchmen, Luciano, tries to take his place and he achieves it for some time until Francisco is ready to take revenge. But Luciano outwits Francisco and escapes with his daughter and an anarchist who is a friend of his.

Based on a story by Osvaldo Bayer and José Dominiani.


 Winner of 7 Silver Condor, at the Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards, 1973: Best Film; Best Director (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson); Best Original Book (Osvaldo Bayer and José Dominiani); Best Actress (Thelma Biral); Best Actor (José Slavin); Best Supporting Actor (Héctor Alterio); and, Best Cinematography (Aníbal Di Salvo).

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