Original title: Sal
Production: Picardia Films; Cruz del Sur CINE
Country: Chile
Director: Diego Rougier
Script: Diego Rougier
Photography: David Bravo
Music: Nicolás Torres
Cast: Fele Martínez; Gonzalo Valenzuela; Patricio Contreras; Javiera Contador; Luis Dubó; Sergio Hernández; Fernando Godoy; Jaime Omeñaca; Carolina Paulsen
Year: 2012
Duration: 100
Genre: Western
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 In search of a true western Sergio, a Spanish film director, travels to the rural deserts of Chile where becomes trapped in a local desert community where he's mistaken for a marked man. In the middle of a heated dispute, Sergio must fight for his life and learn to walk in the shoes of a real outlaw in order to escape.

Co-production between Chile and Argentina.


Winner of 3 Award of Merit, at the Accolade Competition 2012: Best Cinematography; Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational; and, Feature Film

Winner of the CINE Masters' Series Award, at the CINE Competition 2013: Independent Division

Winner of 2 Awards at the CINE Competition 2012: CINE Golden Eagle (Independent (Unaffilliated) Division: Fiction, Short); and, CINE Special Jury Award (Broadcast Division: Entertainment - Drama)

Winner of the International Jury Prize, at the Geneva Film Festival 2013: Best Narrative Feature

Winner of a Silver Lei Award, at the Honolulu International Festival 2013: Feature Films

Winner of a Silver Palm Award, at the Mexico International Film Festival 2012: Feature Film

Winner at the Nosotros Golden Eagle Awards 2012: Best Film

Winner of 2 Gold Award, at the WorldFest Houston 2012: Best Western; and, Feature Film

Nominated for the Audience Choice Award, at the Chicago Latino Film Festival 2012

Nominated for 2 Awards at the Cinequest San Jose Film Festival 2012: Best Feature; and, Best First Feature

Nominated at the Cleveland International Film Festival 2012: Best Film

Nominated for 4 Awards, at the Milan International Film Festival 2012: Best actor (Fele Martínez); Best Cinematography (David Bravo); Best Music; and, Best Production Design

Nominated for the Jury Award, at the San Diego Latino Film Festival 2012: Best Feature Film

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