My country

My country

Original title: Meu país
Production: Gullane Filmes; SOMBUMBO Filmes; TC Filmes
Country: Brazil
Director: Andre Ristum
Script: Marco Dutra; Andre Ristum; Octavio Scopelliti
Photography: Hélcio Alemão Nagamine
Music: Patrick de Jongh
Cast: Rodrigo Santoro; Cauã Reymond; Débora Falabella; Anita Caprioli; Paulo José; Nicola Siri; Eduardo Semerjian
Year: 2011
Duration: 84
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Portuguese
Languages available: Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish; English


 Marcos and Thiago are brothers with a broken relationship. Marcos lives in Europe where he leads a life full of propriety; Thiago lives in Brazil and spends his time wasting his father's money on nights, booze and women. After their father dies, they are faced with astonishing news: their father had another child, a mentally disturbed girl who has lived in a private mental institute all her life. This news leads the brothers into new experiences which contribute to a new and important understanding between them.


 Winner of 4 Candango Trophy at the Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema 2011: Best Director (Andre Ristum); Best Actor (Rodrigo Santoro); Best Music (Patrick de Jongh); and, Best Editing (Paulo Sacramento)

Nominated for 2 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2012: Best Actress (Débora Falabella); and, Best Screenplay, Original (Andre Ristum, Marco Dutra, Octavio Scopelliti)

Nominated for a Jury Award at Prêmio Contigo Cinema, Brazil 2012: Best Actress (Débora Falabella)

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