Original title: Sabaka
Production: Ferrin
Country: United States
Director: Frank Ferrin
Script: Frank Ferrin
Photography: Jack McCoskey; Alan Stensvold
Music: Dakshinamoorthy
Cast: Boris Karloff; Nino Marcel; Lou Krugman; Reginald Denny
Year: 1954
Duration: 77
Genre: Adventure
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: English; Spanish


 Gunga Ram, a young elephant trainer, swears vengeance on the killers of his sister Indria and her husband on the orders of the religious fire-cult leaders, the High Priestess and Ashok. The Maharajah of Bakore disbelieves him and Gunga Ram is also opposed by the Maharajah's General Pollegar. Gunga Ram sets out to expose and destroy the fire shrine of Sabaka.

Warning: Some images of animals can hurt sensitivity. Viewer discretion is advised.

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