Loki - Arnaldo Baptista

Loki - Arnaldo Baptista

Original title: Loki - Arnaldo Baptista
Production: Canal Brasil
Country: Brazil
Director: Paulo Henrique Fontenelle
Script: Paulo Henrique Fontenelle
Photography: Marco Moreira
Year: 2008
Duration: 120
Genre: Biographical documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Portuguese
Languages available: Portuguese
Subtitles: No


 A cine biography of Arnaldo Baptista founder of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes (Tropicalia movement - late 1960s), the narrative is shown by moving testimonials from the artist while he paints an emblematic painting.
Packed with songs that marked a generation the film shows the story of one of Brazil’s biggest rock-stars.


 Best feature film at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival

Winner of the Crystal Lens to the Best Documentary, at the Miami Brazilian Film Festival 2009

Winner of the Jury Award to the Best Director - Documentary, at the Prêmio Contigo Cinema, Brazil 2009

Nominated for the Jury Award to the Best Documentary, at the Prêmio Contigo Cinema, Brazil 2009

Nominated for 4 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2010: Best Documentary; Best Editing - Documentary; Best Sound; and, Best Original Music

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