I'm the king of the castle

I'm the king of the castle

Original title: Je suis le seigneur du château
Production: AAA Productions; Motion Media; Odessa Films; Séléna Audiovisuel
Country: France
Director: Régis Wargnier
Script: Régis Wargnier; Alain Le Henry
Photography: François Catonné
Music: Sergei Prokofiev
Cast: Jean Rochefort; Dominique Blanc; Régis Arpin; David Behar; Pascale Le Goff; Frédéric Renou
Year: 1988
Duration: 88
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: French
Languages available: French
Subtitles: English


 After the death of his wife, Jean Breaud, decides to hire a governess for the holidays, Mrs. Vernet, to take care of his son Thomas. Mrs. Vernet has also a son, Charles, with the same age than Thomas.

Mrs. Vernet and his son arrive on a beautiful summer afternoon at the castle. The meeting between Mr. Breaud and Mrs. Vernet is courteous, attentive to each other's loneliness. Thomas, hidden in the highest tower, observe the intruders and prepares to defend its territory.

Based on the novel "I'm the king of the castle" by Susan Hill.


 Nominated for a Gold Hugo, at the Chicago International Film Festival 1989: Best Feature

Nominated for a César Award 1990: Most Promising Actress (Dominique Blanc)

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