White lies

White lies

Original title: Comme elle respire
Production: Canal+; Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC); France 2 Cinéma; Glem Production; La Sept Cinéma; Les Films Pelléas; Procirep
Country: France
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Script: Pierre Salvadori; Marc Syrigas; Danièle Dubroux
Photography: Gilles Henry
Music: Camille Bazbaz
Cast: Marie Trintignant; Guillaume Depardieu; Jean-François Stévenin; Serge Riaboukine; Blanchette Brunoy
Year: 1998
Duration: 106
Genre: Comedy
Color: Color
Original language: French
Languages available: French
Subtitles: English


Jeanne is a pathological liar. She lies as she breathes. She can't stop telling fabulous stories in which she is the beautiful heroine. She goes from Paris to Bordeaux, and after a few days of wandering, she meets Madeleine, a credulous old woman who hires her for its service. But Madeleine is the prey of Antoine, a handsome and roguish young man. When the old woman tells him that Jeanne is an heiress, Antoine decides to seduce her and then kidnap her.




Nominated for a César Award 1999: Best Actress (Marie Trintignant)

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