The birth of love

The birth of love

Original title: La naissance de l'amour
Production: Département Fédéral de l'Intérieur; La Sept Cinéma; Maison des Écrivains; Sacem; Televisione Svizzera Italiana (TSI); Vega Film; Why Not Productions
Country: France
Director: Philippe Garrel
Script: Muriel Cerf ; Marc Cholodenko; Philippe Garrel
Photography: Raoul Coutard
Music: John Cale
Cast: Lou Castel; Jean-Pierre Léaud; Johanna Ter Steege; Dominique Reymond; Aurélia Alcaïs
Year: 1993
Duration: 94
Genre: Drama
Color: BW
Original language: French
Languages available: French
Subtitles: Spanish; English


Two friends, Paul and Marcus, question the origin of love from their emotional experiences. Paul, who is an actor, would like to stay with Ulrika, her lover, but she can not fully correspond him because of the traumatic memories of her past love. So, Paul returns with his wife, Franchon, about to have her second child. Paul loves his children but he do not know to behave either as a father or as a husband. Family life is unbearable and Paul decides to run away. Meanwhile Marcus, works as a professional writer. He loves his partner, Helene, but she leaves him and he is alone and trapped by jealousy. Marcus wants to get Helene, Paul does not want to lose their children. Both enter into a physical and emotional leading them back to the mysteries of love.

Co-production between France and Switzerland.

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