The big sombrero

The big sombrero

Original title: The big sombrero
Production: Gene Autry Productions; Columbia Pictures
Country: United States
Director: Frank McDonald
Script: Olive Cooper
Photography: William Bradford
Music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff; Joseph Dubin
Cast: Gene Autrey; Elena Verdugi; Stephen Dunne; George J. Lewis
Year: 1949
Duration: 82
Genre: Western
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English; Spanish
Subtitles: English; Spanish


Gene is hired to be foreman of the Big Sombrero ranch by Jim Garland, who is handling all the business affairs of the owner, Estrellita Estrada, who is more interested in going to America than taking care of her Mexican holdings. Gene, discovering Garland's plan to run all the Mexican rancheros off the ranch, turns against his boss and shortly finds himself in the middle of cattle stampedes and an avalanche started by Garland's men.

Warning: This movie may contain violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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