One word from you

One word from you

Original title: Una palabra tuya
Production: Tesela Producciones Cinematográficas
Country: Spain
Director: Ángeles González-Sinde
Script: Ángeles González-Sinde
Photography: David Omedes
Music: Julio de la Rosa
Cast: Malena Alterio; Esperanza Pedreño; Antonio de la Torre; Chiqui Fernández; Marilyn Torres; María Alfonsa Rosso; Luis Bermejo; Juan Sanz
Year: 2008
Duration: 100
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 Rosario and Milagros are sweepers and they know each other since childhood. As vulnerable in appearance as firm despite its contradictions, Rosario tells about the years she spent with the force of nature that is Milagros; years of setbacks, illusion, fear and realities that have shaped the fear of not deserving to be happy. "One word from you" is a portrait of two women, two life paths: one to the most cruel nothing from a sad life, and the other to an expectant future from a redeemed life; and in the middle, mercy and forgiveness.

Based on the novel by Elvira Lindo.


 Winner of 3 CEC Awards at the Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2009: Best Supporting Actor (Antonio de la Torre); Best Supporting Actress (Esperanza Pedreño); and, Best Screenplay, Adapted (Ángeles González Sinde)

Winner of a Turia Award 2009: Best New Actress (Esperanza Pedreño)

Nominated to a CEC Award at the Cinema Writers Circle Awards, 2009: Best Film

Nominated to 4 Goya Awards 2009: Best New Actor (Luis Bermejo); Best New Actress (Esperanza Pedreño); Best Screenplay - Adapted (Ángeles González Sinde); and, Best Original Song (Tony Zenet) for the song "Entre tu balcón y mi ventana"

Nominated to the Newcomer Award, of the Spanish Actors Union 2009: Female (Esperanza Pedreño)

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